Driving fear and phobia

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Driving fear or fear of driving a car to be more precise. Is it the fear of the car or the road or neither?
Lets look at this a little closer.

When driving or contemplating getting in the car do you experience any of these symptoms:
sweating, palpitations,trembling,
More severe symptoms include  dizziness, feelings of unreality, or thoughts of losing control, dying, or going crazy.

Do you feel so overwhelmed that you have to pull over and exit the vehicle -regardless of where you are? You jump out and almost instantly, the fear is gone, your heart rate starts to slow a little, the sense of relief is incredible, the world is not crashing in anymore, but you feel remorse that you cannot carry out what used to be a simple task. Maybe you have never been comfortable in a car and now the feeling is exacerbated .

What is happening?
You are or have experienced a panic attack or anxiety attack. Our cave men ancestors left us with a powerful defense mechanism used to run, or stand and fight a threat such as a saber tooth tiger etc. This is known as the fight or flight mechanism, for fairly obvious reasons.

A panic attack is a sudden but unexpected rush of adrenalin and cortizone into the blood stream ,this will increase performance and strength. This is instigated by the part of the brain called the hypothalamus,in turn the rest of our brain responds to this red alert by redirecting essential blood and energy from non essential systems in your body such as digestive system, thus increasing fighting efficiency and reducing pain receptor response - useful against a saber tooth tiger but not so much use in rush hour on the freeway.

Nobody panic.....

In a non threatening environment i.e. the car, or flying on a plane or near spiders etc, these reactions are useless and more of an impediment than use. Your brain has a preconceived idea that you do not like the situation that you are in so you become agitated, you get more and more uncomfortable in this environment and mix in the symptoms of sweating, dizziness,anxiety and really wanting not to be there and BANG.......you have a panic attack.
The next time you even contemplate entering the same environment, you become agitated BEFORE you enter it, so that by the time you are either in it or even thinking about , you have become so wound up  over it that BANG...you have a panic attack, and so this cycle continues until you cannot even barely think about the situation that makes you uneasy. So you try your utmost to avoid this situation, This is a Panic disorder.

Well help is at hand in the form of  THE DRIVING FEAR PROGRAM - the original and still the best help for driving fear and phobias.
You’ll learn how to use relaxation, visualization, breathing exercises and redirected self-talk to stand your ground against a panic attack. In time, you will find it easy to manage panic and get back to doing things without fear of interruption.